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Credit card payments

Credit cards provide convenience for customers because they can use it to pay for goods and services without having to grab their wallet for cash.

Customers can use it for purchases made at either brick-and-mortars stores, or in online shops. For merchants, being able to accept credit card payments allows you to maximize impulse buys from your customers, and increase your sales.

Brick accept payments
with all major credit and debit cards:

International opportunities

Expand your business worldwide with Brick. Available in more than 180 countries, using 100+ currencies, Brick provides you with global coverage when it comes to online credit card processing.

Offer the most convenient way to pay for digital goods, products or services to your users by accepting credit cards on your website, in games or in apps.

Acquiring banks

Brick works with different banks worldwide, allowing businesses with different entities to use our services.

Precisely designed, Brick is a legitimate and crystal-clear gateway that brings you to a new level of credit card processing.

Secure payments with Brick

Optimized security with Brick.js

Brick.js is a powerful JavaScript library that allows you to build standard credit card forms and gain full control of how transactions proceed.

It also provides advanced security features and fraud prevention tools that will give you peace of mind in processing online credit card transactions.


To maintain security and efficiency in credit card processing, Brick employs tokenization in credit card transactions.

Tokenization entails replacing the customer’s credit card data with a customized token at the business network of the merchant. The token prevents card data from being stolen, while allowing customers to pay instantly without having to re-enter their payment information.

Why process credit card payments

Access the global marketplace

Credit cards are commonly used worldwide when it comes to online payments. In 2013 alone, about 1.6 billion Visa- and Mastercard-branded cards were in circulation around the world.

By accepting credit cards, you will be able to cater to millions and millions of customers worldwide, and establish a global presence for your business.

Lower fees

Credit card processing has lower fees as compared to processing alternative payment methods. For Brick, there are no setup or monthly fees; only a pricing structure of 2.7% plus 0.30 cents (in USD or EUR) for every transaction.

Gain the opportunity to save on operational costs by accepting credit card payments, while increasing your revenue.

Gain customer trust

Being able to accept credit cards establishes trust for your business. When customers see logos of reputable credit card brands on your website or online store, they will be certain about the legitimacy of your online business.

This will then encourage them to make a purchase at your site or your online shop, than other enterprises across the internet.

Improve your cash flow

Since credit card payments are processed electronically, funds can be transferred to your account in about 48 hours. Meanwhile, cheques and invoices can take days before they get credited to your account, which can disrupt your cash flow.

Accepting credit card payments allows you to take note of your earnings in light of your expenses, and balance your cash flow.

Provide subscriptions and memberships

Through credit card processing, your business will be able to provide subscriptions or memberships to your customers. Accepting credit card payments allows you to carry out recurring billing, and receive payments from your clients after the end of a weekly, monthly, or yearly billing cycle.

Subscriptions or memberships can help maintain your revenue, and provide you the opportunity to reward the most loyal customers.

Make your business competitive

Accepting credit card payments enables your business to be on the same playing field with larger enterprises online. Customers will be able to consider your website, or your online store as one of their choices when it comes to making a purchase, alongside with other big-name companies.

Through credit card processing, your business will become more competitive, and steadily gain a large chunk of the marketplace.